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Sir Richard Branson

Founder of the Virgin Group. Transatlantic Balloon Pilot - Virgin Flyer with Per Lindstrand (1987)


“Having set the world record with Per Lindstrand for the first ever Transatlantic and Pacific crossings in a hot air balloon, I know only too well how challenging these attempts can be. Debbie and Mike are very brave taking on the exciting adventure of a transatlantic balloon flight and I’m sure their efforts will inspire people around the world. I wish them every success for their flight and are delighted that Virgin Atlantic is helping them”.



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Sir David Hempleman-Adams

British Adventurer. Transatlantic Balloon Pilot. Uniq Atlantic Challenge (2003) & Toshiba Tranatlantic Challenge (2007).


"I wholeheartedly support this great attempt at the Atlantic. Even with modern equipment, tracking and weather forecasting, this is still a highly dangerous undertaking. With their brilliant support team, I have every confidence in their success".




Bertrand Piccard

Pilot of First Round-The-World Balloon Flight with Brian Jones (1999). Pilot of Chrysler 1 (winner of the Chrysler Transatlantic Balloon Challenge - 1992)


“What a beautiful project. I wish your team the greatest success. 


The Atlantic Ocean is part of the history of aviation, as it is part of the best memories of my flying adventures. After having crossed it 3 times, during the Chrysler Challenge, then with the Breitling Orbiter 3 balloon and the Solar Impulse airplane, I can only wish from all my heart that Deborah and Mike will have the same enjoyment and success."




Brian Jones

Pilot of First Round-The-World Balloon Flight with Bertrand Piccard (1999)


“Over the Atlantic ocean is a foreboding place to be in a balloon.   Imagine flying in an open basket at ten thousand feet with cloud above and below.   It’s cold, – mind-numbingly cold, and you are so, so tired.   It might be raining, you might be flying in a bad direction with little ability to affect your course.   The wind may be slower than predicted, meaning there are lots of calculations to be done – fuel, heading, speed, oxygen, height.   Now imagine you’re blind…..


Two world firsts in one challenging flight is certainly one for the record books.   You both have my utmost admiration for taking on such a challenge and I wish you the very best of luck.   You have the best possible team supporting you, so do them proud, don’t bust your ceiling, and above all stay safe.”



Sally Gunnell.jpg

Sally Gunnell

Olympic Champion Athlete. The only woman ever to hold four major track titles concurrently – Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth.

It doesn’t surprise me that Debbie is taking on such a tough challenge. 

She has shown real mental strength and determination in all of her marathon challenges over the years and this will certainly be needed for this enormous adventure – Good Luck Mike & Debbie



Don Cameron

Founder Cameron Balloons Ltd. Bristol. Transatlantic Balloon Pilot - Chrysler 3 with Rob Bayly, & Jim Howard (1992)


​“Deborah and Mike are intrepid balloon pilots who are undertaking arduous training to be ready to take on the exciting and challenging record-breaking attempt adventure. They aim to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in a Cameron Balloons built, lighter-than-air gas and hot-air combination balloon, not only do they wish to cross the Atlantic Ocean but also to break a good number of records for this size of balloon. They also aim to raise awareness for their chosen charity, Blind Veterans UK, who have been of great support to Mike. Having done this trip myself a couple of times and once successfully, I am aware that this is an extremely adventurous flight challenge but not one without risk and we wish them and their team not only great success but also a very safe flight”.



Tim Cole.jpg

Tim Cole

Transatlantic Balloon Pilot - Peregrine with Steve Fossett (1994). Project Manager, Steve Fossett First Solo Round the World Balloon Flight.


“As a Vietnam combat veteran and pilot of a 1994 record setting Transatlantic balloon crossing, I am excited for both your adventure and your cause. You have an idea of what it will take, you will prepare and you will be tested and I have every confidence of your success. The most important thing is to trust and listen to each other and to your team. Others who have made the flight will welcome your questions and cheer for your successes!


Debbie and Mike, I wish you the very best and cannot wait to hear the stories of your flight.


Your friend in adventure,


Tim Cole”


Christophe Houver.jpg

Christophe Houver

Transatlantic Balloon Pilot - Region Lorraine with Laurent Lajoye (2000).


“Setting up and living such a flight was the adventure of my lifetime until now.


An Atlantic balloon crossing is an impressive flight, a huge adventure. The balloon ride that Laurent and I made 20 years ago still remains in our memories. I always keep in mind the infinite landscape, the various atmospheres between sea and sky, the ocean sounds, the pure nights, the improbable radio contacts with airliners and everything we were sharing on board also with our support team and followers.


Deborah and Mike are well prepared and surrounded by a strong team made up of enthusiasts and specialists. This is the greatest way to carry out this challenge and enjoy these beautiful moments.


We have in common the take-off place in New Brunswick, a pretty region full of endearing people.


I will keep an eye on your balloon for sure. Good winds and dry soft landing as we use to say.



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