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Amazing Corporate Sponsorship Opportunity!

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Debbie and Mike have funded the initial stages of this adventurous project themselves. However, they are now looking for a Corporate Title Sponsor.

This is an opportunity for a company or organisation to take advantage of the media interest that this adventurous project will attract.


Taking on Title Sponsorship will allow the sponsors to incorporate their name into the title of the flight (e.g. "XXX Transatlantic Balloon Challenge 2023") and use the flight for advertising and marketing purposes as they see fit. They would also have 7 metre high brand logos on both sides of the balloon envelope.

We are expecting a fair amount of media interest in this flight. There has already been some media exposure on TV, radio and in the press. Some examples of these are on our Media page.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this amazing corporate sponsorship opportunity, please email via the Contact page.

If you would like to sponsor the flight by donating money, please visit our GoFundMe page. 

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