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We would like to thank the following companies and individuals for their support and advice with our flight. This is really appreciated.

Virgin Atlantic Logo.png

Virgin Atlantic Airways we are very grateful to Sir Richard Branson & Shai Weiss for arranging to airfreight our balloon and equipment to Boston for onward travel by road to Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada for our launch.

Cameron Balloons Logo.png

Cameron Balloons for designing a new concept of Rozière balloon which can also be flown as a gas balloon. They also designed a new burner incorporating electric controls and tested it to 28,000 feet. They also provided valuable training.

Hairworks Logo (Picture).jpeg

Hairworks of Cuckfield for being a major sponsor of this challenge.

Icom Logo.jpg

Icom is the sole provider of handheld airband and marine radios. The latter will be useful in talking to ships as Debbie & Mike cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Global Telesat Communications Logo.jpeg

Global Telesat Communications (GTC) of Poole, Dorset will kindly be providing the latest state-of-the-art satellite communications enabling Debbie & Mike to be in direct contact with Mission Control and our meteorologist. They will be able to send photos and film clips so followers can watch their progress 

FIBA Tech Logo.png

Fiba Technologies we are grateful to Jack Finn and his team for kindly supplying one of their tube trailers to transport the helium to the launch site and store it there prior to launch.

eFoam Logo.png

eFoam for providing impact-resistant foam to protect the fuel tanks.

Johnson's Insulation.jpg

Johnsons Insulation for kindly providing thermal insulation and a space blanket which will be wrapped around the basket to keep Debbie & Mike warm at night.

Tracer Logo.png

Tracer Power for providing Lithium [LifePo4] batteries to power the transponder base station and other equipment.

Royal Navy Logo.jpg

The Royal Navy for ther excellent advice and training on sea survival and life raft drill at Hornsey Island, Portsmouth.

GASCo Logo.jpg

General Aviation Safety Council (GASCo) for arranging the underwater escape [aka the Dunker] training.

Mendelssohn Pilot Supplies Logo.png

Mendelssohn Pilot Supplies for providing and installing the base station and transponder in protective cases. 

Mike Drinnan.jpg

Dr. Mike Drinnan (Newcastle University) for designing a program that converts flight information, such as altitude and speed, into an audible format for Mike. He also guided Mike on two Great North Runs, one being his fastest half marathon of 1 hour 27 minutes.  

Mervyn Huggett.jpg

Mervyn Huggett is a STEMS ambassador and a member of the high altitude society. He kindly provided electrical and technical help, as well as facilitating testing of the space blanket.

Blue Line Trailers Logo.jpg

Blue Line Trailers for building a bespoke trailer to collect and convey the balloon.

Edwards Vacuum Logo.png

Edwards Vacuum for lending a vacuum test sphere to simulate altitude.

SES Logo.png

Sussex Elementary School, New Brunswick, Canada for allowing us to launch from their playing field.

Bluebell Vineyard Logo.jpg

Bluebell Vineyard Estates for providing Hindleap Sparkling Wine to celebrate the flight after landing. This Vineyard is just a few miles from Deborah and Mike’s home.

Kornbluth Helium Consulting Logo.png

Kornbluth Helium Consulting - Phil Kornbluth for his expert advice and assistance with the procurement of helium during a time of great turmoil in the helium market.

Nav Canada Logo.jpg

Nav Canada for providing air traffic services over the western Atlantic.

NATS Logo.png

National Air Traffic Services (UK) for providing air traffic services over the eastern Atlantic and UK.

Maritime & Coastguard Agency Logo.jpg

Maritime and Coastguard Agency for providing Search & Rescue Services in the unlikely case that they are required.

Simon Goodway.jpg

Simon Goodway for providing artwork and designing the balloon mail covers that will be carried on the flight. .

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