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Thank you to the following companies and individuals for their support and advice..

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Virgin Atlantic Logo.png
Icom Logo.jpg
FIBA Tech Logo.png
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Royal Navy Logo.jpg
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eFoam Logo.png
Tracer Logo.png
GASCo Logo.jpg
Mendelssohn Pilot Supplies Logo.png
Blue Line Trailers Logo.jpg
Edwards Vacuum Logo.png
Kornbluth Helium Consulting Logo.png
SES Logo.png
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Maritime & Coastguard Agency Logo.jpg
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Mike Drinnan.jpg

Dr. Mike Drinnan (Newcastle University) for designing a program that converts flight information, such as altitude and speed, into an audible format for Mike. He also guided Mike on two Great North Runs, one being his fastest half marathon of 1 hour 27 minutes.  

Mervyn Huggett.jpg

Mervyn Huggett is a STEMS ambassador and a member of the high altitude society. He kindly provided electrical and technical help, as well as facilitating testing of the space blanket.

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